Computer Science 1

This webpage is for my computer science 1 class. We
are learning to code in C#. I have several assignments that I would like to show
you. Programming is difficult but I call it hard fun.

GoodBye Project


This project translates goodbye into either Russian, Korean, Japanese, or Spanish With the press of a button.

Mailing Label Project


This program formats a mailing label after the user inputs their info

Car Rental Project


This project allows for the renting of a car. It also allows th manager to collect the overal data

BMI Calculator Project


This project calculates the users BMI once they input their weight and height.

Car Rental Upgrade Project


This project allows the user to pick out a car and equip it with different option. Price varies with options chosen

Test Score Project


This program calculates and displays the letter grade from a test. It also compares two test, telling the user which test scored higher.

Dice Project


This program calculates the percentage of each roll and keeps track of how many times the user rolled and the sum of the current roll

Craps Game


Allows for a simple game of Craps. So enjoy without losing any real money. ;)

Shirt Project


Calculates the price the customer pays based on what options they pick and the quantity. Keeps track of the total.

Slot Machine Project


A slot machine. The higher the risk the higher the reward. Become virtualy rich in seconds.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Project


This program is a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that is in a Pass and Play style

Fish 1 Project


This program has a fish move randomly in a virtual tank consisting of 8 posible spaces the fish could be.

Fish 2 Project


This program has a fish and shark that move randomly in a virtual tank consisting of 24 posible spaces the fish could be. The predator if on the same tile eats the fish... ALIVE!!

NCAAF Football College Bowl Series Project


This program compares the Boise State Broncos to the Washington State Cougars. It provides information on bowls and the schools.

TicTacToe Project


A TicTacToe that you can play against someone or against the computer if you don't have any friends.

n! Project


A Program to get a list and total of different sequences. Enter how many items to have on the list.

Basic AI Game Project


Fight in an A6M against an Enemy plane

Star Field Project


Fly through the stars

Fish Upgrade Project


Watch natural selection at its finest

Search Array Project


Search 5000 arrays consisting of numbers from 1 to 5000 for 5000 different random numbers

Test Score Histogram Project


Sort out random grades

Airplane Project


Get the highest score possible in 30sec by shooting a plane

Panzer Vor - Final Project


Fight on all the fronts and Defend the Fatherland